perjantai 5. heinäkuuta 2013

Doors open day at Seili

Welcome to Seili to get to know about research on the archipelago and
the Archipelago research Institute of the University of Turku on Thursday
18.7.2013 at 9 – 17.

Guided tours from the ferry pier in Finnish at 9.00, 11.00, 12.40 and
14.30 and in Swedish at 12.40.
The research boat Aurelia and the Museum Church of Seili are open all

A open lecture in Finnish will be held at the Institute’s lecture hall at
13.30. The lecture, held by B.Sc. Latja Mäkinen, is on changes in the
mesozooplankton in the Archipelago Sea since the 1960’s. The topic is
“Changes in the Archipelago Sea mesozooplankton population – a sign
of larger changes in the organism population?”

Other research projects of at the Institute are to be seen at a poster
exhibition in the main building. There is also a Baltic Sea aquarium at
the Institution.

At the inner court of the Institution the Pro Seili – Heritage Society tells
about their activities and sells coffee and pastries. There is a larger
assortment of the Sosietie’s souveneirs and refreshments (i.a. soft drinks
ans Seili-liquorice) at the Summer Kiosk next to the Church pier.

During the Doors Open Day visitors can also strand own boats at any of the
Institution’s piers.


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