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Erik Litander (English)

The hatch to the tomb of Litander's grave.
In the middle of the church, under the floor, is the grave of Erik Litander, his wife and daughter. Litander was the director of the hospital in 1746 – 1769 and gave a donation to the hospital. Because of this, he got a grave at the most sacred place that could be offered for buring on the island of Seili.

Litander was born and raised in Huhta, in what is today a part of the town Humppila. His family name was Runqvist, until he changed it during his school years in Turku. Before he came to Seili, he worked as a rural policechief in Ikaalinen, and as a forrest adjuster. He retired in 1769 and moved to Rymättylä, not too far from Seili. He died there at the age of 68 in 1772.

J. Vallankoski, "Seilin hospitaalin esimiehen Erik litanderin (1704 - 72) omaelämäkerta", Genos Suomen Sukututkimusseuran aikakauskirja,, haettu 16.8.2013.

Lisa Svanfeldt-Winter

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